A Fusion of Life and Fitness Coaching

Kimberly Lou’s Accelerated Performance Leadership coaching will help you improve your performance and elevate you to compete at the maximum level of your ability. This is the same program she has used with her top business leaders and for herself. She helps you get the edge on your competition by identifying what top energy drains create burnout, and then arms you with simple, time effective solutions to propel your business, your life, your mindset to supreme success.

Universal Language of Energy

Kimberly Lou often refers to the animal kingdom, which is not much different than the corporate or business world.  Hence the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. She states, “If I am fearful and I walk up to a dog and try to pet it, what’s going to happen?  More than likely, I’m going to get bit.  But, if I walk up to the same dog with a calm assertive energy, what’s going to happen?  Chances are that dog is going to lick me, hang out with me; he certainly won’t bite me.  I call this the Universal Language of Energy.  We are animals and we all are speaking loudly through our energy and body language, whether we know it or not.”  Kimberly Lou helps you identify blind spots in your energy to help you redirect it, enhance it, and grow it.  And it all starts with the Top Dog… That’s you!


Kimberly Lou offers a wide range of one-to-one and team coaching packages to suit individual and corporate needs. Coaching is a process that can be offered in different contexts and different environments. Kimberly Lou can work with individuals or teams on your own premises, at specially chosen venues, by telephone, e-mail or over the Internet.

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Distance Coaching

Kimberly Lou also offers Distance Coaching. By combining her wide range of downloadable resources on the Internet with telephone and e-mail coaching, she can take you through a complete coaching program just as if you were in the same room as your coach.