Platinum Executive Team Coaching

Corporate wellness programs

Performance and mindset mentoring for executive teams (5 or more people)

  • Learn to embrace change
  • Avoid pitfalls of 24/7 work-life
  • Strengthen and increase emotional intelligence
  • Integrate mindfulness-based principles to build mental resilience
  • Improve interpersonal skills, energy management and communication
  • Mindset of clarity to help focus on necessary ongoing strategic planning
  • Develop brain-body connection through our expert physical programming
  • Master consequential emotions like frustration, stress, and anger consistently
  • Introduce a mentoring approach to management with well-informed outcomes
  • Break down barriers that prevent employees from becoming more physically active
  • Exude positive motivation to reach corporate objectives and obliterate the competition
  • Manage the stress, uncertainty, and anxiety that comes with operating your own business
  • Develop a sharp, focused mindset, and physical, strength attributes that will continue to accelerate your business

What’s included:

  • One-to-one monthly coaching sessions
  • Access to video training
  • Full-day workshops to improve interpersonal skills, energy management and direct communication
  • Personalized progress folders for skills notes, exercises, goals, achievements & feedback
  • A copy of Kimberly’s latest book