Elite Corporate Team Coaching

Corporate wellness programs

Team building and growth mindset training for large teams and organizations (10 or more people)

  • Build long-lasting relationships that work
  • Become comfortable with evolutionary change
  • Increase confidence, self-worth and self-estee
  • Learn to instantly control big emotions like anger, frustration and stress
  • Uncover unconscious invalidating thought structures and eliminate roadblocks
  • Find a higher level of energy and cognizance with health and movement coaching
  • Break down barriers that prevent employees from becoming more physically active
  • Increase self-awareness, self-management and develop a clear understanding of interpersonal dynamics
  • Implement flexible scheduling —making it easier for employees to carve out time for exercise while juggling work and home responsibilities

What’s included:

  • Intake meeting to determine scope and outcomes
  • 2-hour workshops designed to improve interpersonal skills, energy management and direct communication
  • Personalized progress folders for all skills notes, exercises, goals, achievements and feedback
  • Weekly group fitness training
  • A copy of Kimberly’s latest book