Collapsing an Emotion

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Emotional Fitness is the key to managing your life-force energy, but how do we do that? We first need to retrain the brain and determine what drains your energy. Many thoughts and emotions threaten to suck the life-force right out of us, and then we wonder why we cannot manage our lives.

As a result, many have struggled, filling their lives with addictions, including food, alcohol, drugs, workaholism, and sex, all of which impact their health. In many cases, these addictions lead to self-destructive behaviors, creating painful lives in addition to destroying some of the closest relationships around them. There is an epidemic of people running away from anything that causes them to face the truth; they are running from their inner demons. I call these inner demons Big Emotions.

What keeps people stuck in this vicious cycle and causes them and their loved ones to suffer? It is a survival mode that stems from childhood, especially for those who had to step up as children and take responsibility. There was a past pain, a hurt that they now spend their lives trying to avoid. As a result, they stay stuck in a Belief System based on a story they assigned meaning to. They unconsciously hold on to the negative energy of their past; they can’t let it go because they don’t even know it’s there. These survival skills have worked for many people for a very long time. However, this survival mode which has helped them in the past comes at a high cost, and it is the very thing killing them softly. Or, sometimes, not so softly.

The pain of the life-lie keeps the central nervous system on high alert and causes people to stay stuck in a vicious reptilian-brain cycle that never allows the mind to rest. Thus, many people (at least 15% of the population) suffer from addictions and severe depression. In addition, they experience mental disorders like PTSD and anxiety. If they had allowed themselves to release the past and added self-care into their lives, they would have been able to heal, create new lives, and sustain themselves for the long haul.

Why did this loss happen? In many cases, there was an underlying feeling of shame. This is why they pursued such extremes, trying to run from the pain of their past and struggling to fill that unfillable, gaping hole in their hearts. There is, however, a simple solution. It’s called feeling those Big Emotions. When people will themselves to turn around and face their feelings, especially the ones they have been running from their whole lives, what they will usually find is that Emotions Are Just Energy, and those emotions will usually fade away within five to ten minutes; this is called Collapsing an Emotion.