Parenting Your Inner Child Through Boundaries – Kimberly Lou

It’s not a bad word.

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How are you with boundaries?

I’m cutting right to the chase today and dropping a truth bomb.

The truth of who you are is hidden beneath the stories you’ve been told about yourself throughout your life. Now let that sink in. It’s a lot to process. And you may need to spend some time unpacking it beyond the time it takes you to read this text, but I felt compelled to share that truth with you today.

You see, throughout the course of your life, your ego has been put in place to protect your inner child. And this protection often takes the form of stories…stories about who you are and what the world is. Even if the stories aren’t true they are put in place to ensure your survival.

And while these stories may have served a purpose in protecting you there eventually comes a time when those stories have to make way for the truth of who you are.

Now if you’re thinking, that sounds scary!’ you’re not wrong. The process of unraveling and examining these stories can be and is often terrifying. And here’s why. What you will usually find beneath the stories is that wounded child.

That’s why it’s so terrifying. Because once you peel away the stories all you’re left with is the innocent beautiful perfect version of yourself. And that exposure will often leave you scared and vulnerable.

And that’s where boundaries come in.

Forget what you’ve been told. ‘Boundaries’ is not a bad word. In fact, boundaries are very important. Boundaries replace the stories to help you live and grow. They keep you safe in the absence of stories and allow you to become the fullest expression of yourself.

So I challenge you today to get comfortable with the idea of setting boundaries for yourself and honoring them as a way of uncovering your deepest truth and settling into that truth.

Of course, it’s no easy feat. Worthwhile challenges are never easy. That’s why my team and I are here – to help you shift from settle and survive to accelerate and thrive so you can step into a life you love.

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