Metabolism out of whack? Are you feeling tired throughout the day? Does your exercise routine seem like it’s too hard to keep up with? Want to take your workouts and health to the next level, yet your body just won’t let you? 


Busting Through Your Weight Loss Plateaus

Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re a professional athlete, I can help you create a more efficient way to workout, prevent adrenal fatigue, and achieve your highest level of performance, physically and mentally. At the same time, you will burn more fat in half the time.


My Program Is Called Repair, Rebuild, Recover 


Come to me and work out with no gym membership fees, or I can come to you and bring everything.  No gym membership or exercise equipment needed.

Commit to being truly fit and enjoy serious savings (across all fitness packages).

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Personal Trainer

Clients commonly have injuries, chronic stressors, and trauma in their shoulders, hips, back, and neck. Kimberly Lou works to make the fascia more flexible by breaking down scar tissue, adhesions, and underlying causes of pain and inflammation through Mind/Body Balance Techniques and Corrective Exercise.

  • Repatterning old behaviors / Mind/Body Balance
  • Tailored nutrition program to help reduce inflammation
  • Assesment Tracking – Analysis of imbalances, chronic stressors and injuries in the body
  • Designed program to determine reconstructive techniques and corrective exercise to lay a solid foundation in the body

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Fitness Trainer
Gain strength in joints and muscles through Kimberly Lou’s physical movement formula designed to reach your goals. 

  • Build Muscle
  • Sustain Functionality
  • Resume Injury Prevention 
  • Gain Strength and Stamina
  • Increase Balance and Flexibility
  • While continuing to lose weight, if that is your goal

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Personal Trainer

Go from stressed-out and imbalanced to strong and stable. Kimberly works to determine what drains your energy throughout your routine and formulates simple solutions to create a more efficient workout.  

  • Advanced Cardio training 
  • Circuit Training 
  • Shed Excess Weight
  • Plan of action for creating the proper mindset to win. It’s not just about the body!

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Additional Programs by Kimberly Lou


Personal Trainer

For anyone focused on achieving their full beauty potential. People who are in the public eye who want to look and project their best, or who want to benefit from the same training I give top celebrities. 

  • Body Language analyses
  • Aesthetic consultation – Analysis of your body type, measurements and your ideal body target
  • Tailored nutrition program to help you bulk up or lean down and hit your aesthetic goals
  • Designed program to determine what proportions work with your body size. 

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Fitness Trainer

For busy, burned-out moms who are trying to keep up with demands or simply want their sexy back. Moms are always giving, often forgetting to restore and replenish their own energy, leaving them overwhelmed, resentful, and exhausted. This program restores energy and vitality, creates a vibrant, healthy body, and brings you back to you. 

  • Self-Care Plan of Action
  • Videos on planning, structure, meditation and visualization
  • Reconstructive exercises
  • Body Sense audio
  • Repair Rebuild Recover Manual

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Personal Trainer

Build your coordination, balance, agility, cardio levels, and create a lean, toned, athletic body. This will help you win, improve your performance and compete at the maximum of your ability.

  • Gait Analysis
  • Analysis of your sport to identify strengths and weaknesses, and coordination areas
  • Customized workout plan to address each weakness with reconstruction exercises
  • Visualization video
  • Plan of action for creating the proper mindset to win. It’s not just about the body!

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Fitness Trainer

For people who lead fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles and are burned out. It’s perfect to get your energy back.  It’s also ideal for people who have had past injuries or who haven’t trained.

  • Meditation and visualization videos
  • Reconstructive exercises
  • Body Sense audio
  • Repair Rebuild Recover Manual
  • Dedicated sessions on meditation

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Personal Trainer

For women who want to feel gorgeous and sexy in their wedding dress.  You’ll look and feel like the best version of you, reduce stress, feel vibrant, build stamina and get in the best shape of your life.

  • Accelerated weight loss plan by safely increasing your intervals with exercise
  • Short-term goal setting to help overcome blocks, barriers and prevent burnout
  • Tailored nutrition program to help you bulk up or lean down and achieve your perfect body
  • Makeover session – We’ll explore the perfect goal of amazing hair and makeup!

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Fitness Trainer
Not many people advise you on how to prepare for birth or rebuild your body postpartum. Additionally, there is a lot of misinformation out there on what is safe, and standard workouts just won’t do. Let Kimberly Lou help you…

  • Prepare yourself for a safe and OB-endorsed movement program with trimester-specific regimens to help you feel your best during Pregnancy. Additionally, avoid common discomforts, such as low back pain and urinary incontinence, as you safely increase strength and stamina for birth
  • Recover during the first six weeks postpartum resolving diastasis recti
  • Reclaim your body by learning the tools to maintain a core free of diastasis recti and incorporating comprehensive standalone programs

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Have a unique goal in mind? Need a workout program customized for you? Kimberly will give you a free consult and design a package just for you.

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