“The first time I met Kimberly Lou was in the parking lot of a Ralph’s supermarket & that 10 minute conversation has made a tremendous difference in my life.  As we talked that day, Kimberly basically analyzed & assessed me on the spot. For years I dealt with constant pain due to some back & neck issues.  As we stood in the parking lot talking, Kim pointed out things about my posture that were related to the back and neck issues.  She explained that the first part of her program was “Repair” and how exercise could help realign me and re-teach my muscles how to properly support my body, which could eliminate the pain .

I signed up with Kimberly, followed her plan & within 1 month of working with her, the majority of my back and neck pain was gone.  The fact that I lost 11 pounds that first month was an added bonus.

During our sessions, Kimberly explained each exercise as we did it and how the particular exercise would benefit my body; this helped me to connect more with my body throughout the workout.  Kimberly also gave me tools & information so that I could workout on my own in between my sessions with her.

Besides being an incredible teacher, Kimberly is warm, funny, encouraging and very caring.  When I hit mental blocks and felt like I couldn’t push myself anymore physically, Kimberly took me past what I thought was my limit  with jokes, stories from her own life or sometimes with just a plain old kick in the pants.  Working with Kimberly Lou will transform more than your body.”

Have a Prosperous Day!

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