Creative Play Yoga


Creative Play Yoga™ classes are entirely different from a standard meditative adult yoga class.  In our classes children are animated, noisy and free-spirited!

Adults often have to work at yoga, but kids are creative and want to Play!

In Creative Play Yoga™, children are free to dance their sillies out while they prance around the room, act out stories, play breathing games, and pretend to be animals. They bark like dogs in the Downward Facing Dog pose, hiss like snakes in the Cobra pose, and learn to balance on one leg while flapping their wings like Flamingos.

In addition, research shows that when children exercise their mind and bodies in a playful but structured environment, they begin to develop better body awareness and the initial tools for better concentration, coordination and balance. Therefore Creative Play Yoga™ uses games, storytelling and music and art, to engage children both physically and mentally.

So wiggle, run, hop or bounce over to a Creative Play Yoga™ class near you! All you need to bring is your imagination!




kim-summer2Kimberly Lou is a Mom, CEO of her company Creative Play Enterprises and is a nationally recognized Advanced Fitness and Wellness Specialist, with over 15 years experience. Her unique style inspires and challenges people and her blend of discipline and play brings value to everyone she coaches.  Please go to or call (310) 628-8234 for more details.