Hour of Power

Set yourself up for success. The first hour and the last hour of the day is the most important in creating a new mindset for your new life. Get into the habit of retraining so you can be your own best friend. How? Start the day of with reading, writing and meditation. What happens is when you read something inspirational and you write about it, and then you meditate on it, what you doing is planting those seeds first thing in the morning, then you can begin to grow those seeding and achieving the outcome you desire. Remember that first hour of the day is gold. It is going to set you up for success.


PS. Here is a link to my reading, writing and meditating video.  Hope this helps https://youtu.be/X5Y_szq5HWE

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Healthy Paleo Meals – Kid Friendly – The Whole Family Will Enjoy – Coconut Chicken Curry (2018)

Never Want to Diet Again? Stay tuned for Kimberly Lou’s Foodie Fridays where you can have the guilty pleasures of eating tasty foods without spending hours in the gym to pay for it. Her Foodie Friday Video’s will give you fun healthy paleo and anti inflammatory ideas and recipes that you and your family will LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!

This recipes 


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“Kimberly Lou Gets Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind to Work Together…”

“Kimberly Lou has the uncanny ability to peek into a person’s mind, gather your thoughts on many aspects of your life (family,diet,fitness,relationships,etc). She helps you organize and put your thoughts into the proper perspective. Amazingly, Kimberly Lou gets your conscious and subconscious mind to work together to get the desired results. A wonderful experience.”

Jan Jackson ~  Texas

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What Is Your Biggest Fear About Being Your Perfect Goal Weight?

What’s stopping you from your goals?

A famous quote says that, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate; our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

In my experience the clients I have attracted have not been afraid to fail, but to succeed. “What would really happen if I lost this weight?” they wonder. “This weight (identity) has been a protective barrier for years. Who would I be without it? I don’t know myself any other way.”

Whatever it is, write it down.

Let me help you reach your goals, go to: RECOVER

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