Four ways moving slowly parallels my life.

Tip #1 Don’t look down!

In the same sense as don’t look behind you –you’re not going that way. In life and slacklining keep eyes up and focused *forward.* Look toward your destination. Trust your gut. Let your sense of balance tell you where and how to step. Live intuitively.

Tip #2 Chill out.

Relax. Focus on releasing tension from arms/shoulders before stepping on the line or out into life. Worrying is praying for what we do not want. Fear based living OR ‘lining doesn’t work. Make that mind/body connection—but don’t over think it.

Tip #3 Be consistent.

Try new things–but keep returning to the old. From ‘lining to living practice breeds success.

Tip #4 Giggle. Laugh. Have fun.

Life is short—don’t always be serious and outcome focused. Enjoy the process of slacklining–don’t worry about making it to to the end of the line.

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