Another Life Changed

“The first time I met Kimberly Lou was in the parking lot of a Ralph’s supermarket & that 10 minute conversation has made a tremendous difference in my life.  As we talked that day, Kimberly basically analyzed & assessed me on the spot. For years I dealt with constant pain due to some back & neck issues.  As we stood in the parking lot talking, Kim pointed out things about my posture that were related to the back and neck issues.  She explained that the first part of her program was “Repair” and how exercise could help realign me and re-teach my muscles how to properly support my body, which could eliminate the pain.

I signed up with Kimberly, followed her plan & within 1 month of working with her, the majority of my back and neck pain was gone.  The fact that I lost 11 pounds that first month was an added bonus.

During our sessions, Kimberly explained each exercise as we did it and how the particular exercise would benefit my body; this helped me to connect more with my body throughout the workout.  Kimberly also gave me tools & information so that I could workout on my own in between my sessions with her.

Besides being an incredible teacher, Kimberly is warm, funny, encouraging and very caring.  When I hit mental blocks and felt like I couldn’t push myself anymore physically, Kimberly took me past what I thought was my limit  with jokes, stories from her own life or sometimes with just a plain old kick in the pants.  Working with Kimberly Lou will transform more than your body.”

Have a Prosperous Day!

– Jennifer Laurent

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Nutrition for Your New Age

Sadly most food plans, life plans, relationship plans, self-help plans, etc. tend to be overly complicated. Refreshingly, Kimberly Lou’s new book Nutrition for Your New Age brings back the beauty of simplicity. Her easy to follow strategy is based upon the solid nutrition principles of low glycemic load, portion control, and macronutrient balancing. Her plan is both structured enough and flexible enough to be universally successful. With this program you can actually have your cake and eat it too! Kimberly’s reward meal concept keeps the program fresh and will actually accelerate your progress by preventing slow downs in your metabolism that can occur with strict dieting. Above and beyond creating a healthier you, Kimberly’s words of wisdom will empower you to a healthier relationship with both yourself and your food!

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Four ways moving slowly parallels my life.

Tip #1 Don’t look down!

In the same sense as don’t look behind you –you’re not going that way. In life and slacklining keep eyes up and focused *forward.* Look toward your destination. Trust your gut. Let your sense of balance tell you where and how to step. Live intuitively.

Tip #2 Chill out.

Relax. Focus on releasing tension from arms/shoulders before stepping on the line or out into life. Worrying is praying for what we do not want. Fear based living OR ‘lining doesn’t work. Make that mind/body connection—but don’t over think it.

Tip #3 Be consistent.

Try new things–but keep returning to the old. From ‘lining to living practice breeds success.

Tip #4 Giggle. Laugh. Have fun.

Life is short—don’t always be serious and outcome focused. Enjoy the process of slacklining–don’t worry about making it to to the end of the line.

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Personal Fitness Training Sessions with Kimberly Lou.

Work one on one with Kimberly Lou in the comfort of your own home or come to her and have her develop a program specific to your needs. As a trained athlete with a deep understanding of the body/mind connection, Kimberly Lou is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals. In Kimberly Lou’s one-on-one sessions, she will take the time to understand what your body is really asking for and will develop a program that is specific to your needs. Her training will enable you to feel energized, happy, healthy and free but Kimberly Lou’s real gift lies in teaching you how to achieve results on your own. She will always be there to help, but you will have all the tools you need to train your body… and have fun doing it.

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