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Make a List of Friends You Can Count on to Support You

When you are making changes in your life, you may experience a set back or two. As you get closer to a major breakthrough, you are likely to have unexpected feelings pop up. Your past may replay itself in the form of irritability. It can show up as anger, sadness, or feeling on the verge of tears for no apparent reason, which is why they are called breakthroughs.

At this time, you should not punish yourself, but acknowledge that some major transformation is happening. To assist you through this process, make a list of five friends you can call to support you. People who will not cosign your BS (Belief System), but who will hold a positive space for you.

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Getting Clear

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It’s time for honesty. Sit quietly, so your mind is clear and ask yourself what you want to achieve in the next 90 days through your 90 Day Challenge. Then ask yourself what having a perfect body will give you. Do you want to be healthy? Sexy? Do you want to be a better athlete? Or is it because you just want to feel sexy again? Whatever it is that you want, write it down.

Now ask your body what size it wants to be. Not what you think you should look like because of what you have seen on TV. What size is your body actually willing and ready to be? If you listen, you will get clear on what is healthiest and best for you. If you are a size 14, a size 6 may seem impossible to you right now. Maybe a size10 will be your perfect size, until you are comfortable setting another goal.

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